Areas of Investigation

Fire and Explosion

Every fire/explosion has a unique set of circumstances and requires investigation of the entire scene. This methodology-based inquiry considers every component of the incident scene using the most current industry standards and techniques. The Fire Investigator is charged with recreating the scene through an on-site inspection of the incident area, evidence collection and examination, selection of laboratory testing, interpretation of data, modeling, and witness testimony. A fire or explosion origin and cause determination is derived from uncovering facts, applying NFPA methods in all investigations and using all of the gathered information to pin-point the incident cause.

Chemical Transportation Incidents


Chemical Exposure

Industrial Accidents

Deep Tissue Chemical Burns

Chemical Release, Pollution, Contamination

 Proper investigation of releases to the environment requires not only an understanding of the process but also of the regulations and how they apply to the source as well as the theory and practice of sampling and analysis. Our experienced team of professionals have determined regulatory requirements, written test plans, participated and overseen execution of these plans, and monitored and evaluated quality of the data for a number of devices under a variety of conditions. The experience of Gossman Forensics in executing all these functions in sampling and analysis provides our team with a detailed knowledge of needed testing. This experience is invaluable to the client in potential litigation by acquiring the appropriate and realistic quality data needed for investigations into events that might have contaminated air, water, or land.

Enforcement Issues

PCBs and Dioxins

Since the beginning of his professional career, David Gossman has looked closely at emissions of what the public has come to know as dioxins or furans. Polychlorinated dibenzo-dioxins (PCDDs) and Polychlorinated dibenzo-furans (PCDFs) came under increasing scrutiny in the early 1990s as a result of regulations involving emissions from boilers and industrial furnaces (BIFs). David Gossman’s firm was at that time extensively involved in the compliance testing in the cement industry, as primary contractor on some of these  numerous tests, designing/planning them from the ground up, as well as partial involvement in several other tests. He is the author of a publication entitled “Understanding Dioxin Testing,” and he has co-authored several articles on the subject including one commenting on an EPA Dioxin health assessment. David Gossman’s background in interdisciplinary science, his experience with waste management, with industrial chemical processes, and with governmental regulations and testing and their requirements, makes him uniquely suited to understand the complexities of your dioxin legal case.